ASK All Special Kids is pleased to host Chloë Marshall at our 2017 ASK Annual Conference. Professor Marshall will lead one of the professional training sessions in English, on Oct. 6. Her session is on the topic of educational neuroscience: Neuromyths and Neurohits in the Education of Children with Special Educational Needs.

Parents and teachers have a great enthusiasm for neuroscience and for the light it can shed on children’s learning in the home and at school. However, sometimes this enthusiasm can lead to the ready acceptance of teaching practices, ideas, or techniques that do not actually have a scientific basis in neuroscience – or which reflect some basis in neuroscience but have not been rigorously tested within an educational context. This phenomenon has been labelled the spread of “neuromyths” mistaken ideas about the brain – and it has been the topic of extensive discussion by researchers within educational neuroscience. In this course, we will examine some “neuromyths”, but also some “neurohits”, i.e. ideas about education and the brain which are based on sound neuroscientific evidence. We will also consider how to critically evaluate the claims made by the manufacturers of so-called “neuroscientific” interventions for children with special educational needs.

See the full programme for more details.

Ms. Marshall is Professor of Psychology, Language and Education, UCL Institute of Education, London. To learn more about her and her work please go to…/dr-chloe-marshall-lab-direc…/