When: Thursday, 22 Feb 2018, 10h – 12h

Where: ASK office, the Ecumenical center, 150 rte de Ferney, Geneva

Q&A with Margaret Curran


Margaret is a Cognitive Behaviour Therapists with over 20 years’ experience and one of Ireland’s leading experts in CBT, training and mediation. She helps adults and children to change their lives by altering the negative thinking patterns that can be so destructive and debilitating. Her style is direct and factual but with an underlying understanding and compassion for the human condition.

Come meet Margaret and ask her any questions you may have for yourself and the difficulties you may be facing with your child or children. Below are two proposed workshop topics we would like to provide given enough interest in the coming months. We look forward to welcome you on Thursday, 22 February.

  • Anxious Children: What triggers it? What sustains it? And How to deal with it?
  • Children with low tolerance and high levels of frustration: What it is? Where it comes from? And How to deal with it?
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