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Interview with Mrs Vicky Tuck

Ahead of ASK’s Annual Information Day, we caught up with Mrs Vicky Tuck, Director General, International School of Geneva What are the main highlights of your 15 years as Principal at Cheltenham Ladies’ College? Firstly, being able to take forward a great school which included 15 years of hard work, exciting innovation and developing everything [...]

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Interview with Mrs Hilary Wood

Ahead of ASK’s Annual Information Day we talked to Mrs Hilary Wood de Wilde who will be presenting at the event. What led you into special needs and to your specialisation in autism (ASD)? In 1994, as a 16-year old teenager, I worked at a summer camp where my main role was to help integrate [...]

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Interview with Mr. Yves Thézé

Ahead of ASK’s Annual Information Day on 8 November 2014, we met up with Mr Yves Thézé, Director General of Collège du Léman What is your philosophy as School Principal? As an educator, I strongly believe the emotional side of education is essential; too many professionals focus solely on the academic side of education rather [...]

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Interview with Stephan Eliez

Ahead of ASK’s Information Day, we talked to Professor Stephan Eliez, Director of Child Psychiatry and Special Education, OMP What led you into special needs and to your specialisation in autism (ASD)? Well, firstly, I have a personal interest as a member of my family has special needs. Professionally, I was always interested in the [...]

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Parent Testimonial for Rafael who attended ASK Summer Camp

Dear Joy, Our first thanks go to you, Joy, for agreeing to welcome Rafael, helping to build a strong structure of professional around him and granting us the chance to feature in a sponsoring campaign that allowed him to attend ASK camp free of charge. We are really delighted with the great time Rafael had [...]

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Workshops for Information Day

The workshops for ask's annual Information Day have been set. Places are limited, so register now! Come and learn with us... The Connection between Incorrect Motor Development and Learning Difficulties Presenter: Shai Silberbusch, founder of the “First Step Method” Motor activity is the basis for the development of organic learning – through observing how a [...]

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Parent Testimonials for ASK Summer Camp 2014

“We’re really delighted with the great time Rafael had with the whole ASK team. Knowing the difficulty our son has to adapt to a new environment, we couldn’t believe he was feeling "at home" already by the second day! He clearly showed it to us on Tuesday morning, when he had put his shoes on [...]

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Spotlight on…Speech Therapist, Sophie Bozzottii

This time ASK caught up with Speech Therapist Sophie Bozzottii.  Find out why she chose to make a difference through Speech Therapy and how as parents you can help your child. Sophie Bozzotti moved to Geneva in 2003, after a number of years working in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Still loving life in [...]

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In the spotlight – CAS Volunteer Programme

We’re very pleased to announce that Karina Hockley has come on board as CAS Student Co-ordinator, helping to promote our student volunteer programme. ASK has always welcomed students through the IB-related CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) programme and we hope to increase the participation of CAS volunteers. There are lots of ways students can really make [...]

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Unameit – we’re on the case

ASK is very pleased to announce it’s in the final stages of organising a tie-up with Unameit, a small home-based business set up by mother-of-two Ester Danziger. Like all parents, once her children started kindergarten, Ester realised naming their belongings was essential if she ever wanted to see them again!   Making valiant efforts to [...]

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