C.A.R.E. Parent Support

Community Assistance Resource Enrichment (CARE) lies at the heart of all the services we offer at ASK.  Throughout the years, we have built a program, which targets the needs of families affected by a child with special needs.  Whether you’re a Mum, Dad, brother or sister, you’re sure to find something here that will satisfy your needs, on a social or personal level.

  • Would you like to meet other parents who are in a similar situation?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the daily responsibilities of raising a child with special needs or learning differences?
  • Are you looking for more information and support services for your special child?

Come and Join …..

Let us connect, build friendships, share experiences and support each other


Thank you so much for all your time and sharing your special story. It is so great to talk to another mother who understands and speaks the same language.
R.E. Parent
’Indeed, ASK was at the beginning and continues to be extremely helpful through the great contacts I made. Thank you so much for all you have done for us. It is a wonderful organization’
AL.M - Parent
“I realized we had formed a cohesive group with each person an integral member, each contributing and each taking something out of it.”
P.J - Specialist

Parent Support Coffee Morning

If you really want to find out what’s going on in your area in terms of special needs support, then you simply must go to one of our ASK coffee mornings!   Usually held on the first Thursday of every month, these informal get-togethers provide a whole new meaning to “networking!”  This is where you will find invaluable insight from the experiences of other parents, who have “been there” already!

Practical details

Parents Support Meeting + Parents Workshop
Geneva 3 May 2017 from 18.00 to 19.30 – Register Now
Venue: International School of Geneva, Campus des Nations
11, route des Morillons, CH-1218, Grand-Saconnex
RSVP: parentsupport@allspecialkids.org
Contact: 079 924 78 35 (Joy Tong)
ASK parents members and Nations parents – FREE
All other participants: CHF25

Parent Workshops

Healing with Nutrition Series

Amazing scientific discoveries during the last 10 years have shown that problems of learning, mood and behaviour in children are interconnected and actually resulted from systemic bodily disorder and biochemical dysregulations that affects the brain. ASK introduced “Healing with Nutrition Series offered by the three nutritionists from “HEALTHY KIDS NUTRITION” group hoping to enhance your understanding and knowledge on a real cause of neurological disorders and various learning difficulties many children are experiencing and show how with bio-individual nutrition support program these children can be helped and supported.

Healing with Nutrition Series Objectives

  • Empower families with practical tools and information for individual nutritional support for their children
  • Educate parents about the powerful impact of nutrition on the foundation of healing of neurological conditions
  • Share updated scientific evidence about the direct connection between brain function and the gastrointestinal condition

Everybody is welcome, so do come and join us!

Changing Diets – Changing Moods: Improving your child’s Behavior, Learning and Mood

Geneva 3 May 2017 from 18.00 to 19.30 – Register Now
Venue: International School of Geneva, Campus des Nations
11, route des Morillons, CH-1218, Grand-Saconnex
Contact: 079 924 78 35 (Joy Tong)
ASK parents members and Nations parents – FREE
All other participants: CHF25

Coming in the 2017-2018 school year

  • Anxiety and Depression – Nutritional Solution for Your Child
  • Brain Fitness: How to Improve your Child’s Concentration and Learning
  • Nourishing and Healing with Nutrition: For Children with ASD and Other Conditions

Series Presentors

Gemma Calzada
Gemma Calzada
Gemma Calzada is a Holistic Nutritionist (B.S.), a Nutrition Detoxicology therapist and a certified GAPS practitioner, accredited by ASCA. Her career began with engineering studies in computer science and she started a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. Her family health problems led her to the world of nutrition and alternative medicine.

Today, she offers her personal expertise and scientific academic knowledge in the form of consultations and coaching for people who suffer from dietary intolerance. She also offers guidance to healing with a holistic nutritional approach. She has 4 years of experience working with children with learning difficulties and neurological disorders.

She speaks English, French and Spanish.


Kerry Lynn Labuschagne
Kerry Lynn Labuschagne
Through personal and family experience with psychological disorders, Kerry has followed her passion to assist healing and growth through non-invasive and natural means. After completing a BA degree in Psychology, she ran counselling and support groups for severe depression and anxiety in Cape town S.A. Kerry went on to discover and practice various complementary therapies including Clinical nutrition, after which she decided to further her knowledge in nutritional science, completing a BSc (Hons) degree from MU in personalised nutrition, with a focus on genetics and childhood neuro development. Having moved to Switzerland 3 years ago Kerry has set up a practice, Nutri 360, in which she follows the principals of Functional medicine to create a personalised plan for individual needs.
Dr Irina Schurov
Dr Irina Schurov
After my PhD in Neuroscience in Cambridge University I worked extensively in leading academic labs, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies. Driven by passion to help people live healthier I have expanded my field to encompass not only the science of the brain but also the science of nutrition and microbiome. I have created LiveRight – an initiative to share my knowledge of nutritional science in preventing of neurological disorders and advocating of wellbeing strategy.
By building an educational platform about healthy eating habits, by restoring the relationships between people and food, by providing a personalized nutritional support, I want to help many families achieve the optimal balance between health and life.