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ASK-All Special Kids is a one-stop resource for parents, schools, and specialists, helping to support children and young adults with learning differences and special educational needs in Switzerland. Our vision is to enable children and young adults with learning differences and special educational needs (SEN) to reach their full potential and inclusion into society, and to ensure that they receive the understanding and respect all individuals deserve.

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I cannot say enough about ASK, Joy and all those involved with this amazing organization. We were in such desperation to find help for our children. One needed an assessment for dyslexia and the other for autism spectrum disorder. It was so difficult to get connected to professionals qualified to conduct these assessments (and in their Mother tongue). Joy was able to help us with both. We were connected to a psychologist who assessed our son for dyslexia. From there we were able to get Social, Play and Occupational therapy as well as therapy with a Psychomotricienne. For our dyslexic child, Joy introduced us to Oak Hill which completely changed him from being a non-reader to fluent reader and we saw his self-esteem increase tremendously within a mere three weeks at Oak Hill. In addition we discovered he is extremely strong in math which was hidden from us during all his struggles with reading. We cannot forget the wonderful homework club too. The boys enjoyed and benefited very much from them. The teachers and the program are amazing. Thx you Joy and all staff at ASK. We are forever grateful!
Karen Davies Brace
“When you walk around ASK Summer Camp for the first time, you recognize all the signs of a great camp: colors, music, laughs, excited kids and even more excited staff. A closer look at the very specific set of activities make you realize that you have reached a place in which learning is back to its roots, the freeing of the learner.”
School administrator
I am deeply impressed with the generous and sincere engagement of ASK in favor of kids with Special Education Needs, as well as the neurotypical ones.

I wrote an IIL Blog Post called “The Essence of Learning”. Google the title to find out more.

Dr David Claivaz, IIL
It was very helpful to have so much positive feedback on the idea of James going into a special school as I was not sure that it was the best thing for him, but it looks like it is a very good option. It’s important to have a group where you can say almost anything and not feel judged or criticised to get the feedback, support and ideas from others and be able to off load a bit of the pressure !

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