Developing the Parent-Coaching Assessment, Individualization, and Response to Stressors (PAIRS) Tool for Behavior Analysts

Cressida Pacia – University of Galway

Ciara Gunning – University of Galway

Aoife Mc Tiernan – University of Galway

Dr. Jennifer Holloway – ASK- All Special Kids Centre

Abstract and Figures

Parent engagement in early behavioral intervention is essential to achieving meaningful intervention outcomes. However, parents may experience multiple barriers to engagement. The Parent-coaching Assessment, Individualization, and Response to Stressors (PAIRS) was developed to help practitioners assess families’ barriers and facilitators, individualize their intervention, and respond to stressors using a contextual, functional approach. An expert panel of Board Certified Behavior Analysts ® (BCBAs) evaluated the content validity of the PAIRS. Average scale values (S-CVI/Ave) were 0.92 for relevance, 0.85 for effectiveness, and 0.91 for appropriateness. The PAIRS was revised, and a follow-up evaluation was conducted to rate the tool’s utility. This led to the final version of the PAIRS. Clinical implications and future directions are discussed.
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