Teacher Characteristics, Knowledge and Use of Evidence-Based Practices in Autism Education in Ireland

Lorna Barry – ASK- All Special Kids

Jennifer Holloway – ASK- All Special Kids Centre

Stephen Gallagher – University of Limerick

Jennifer Mcmahon – University of Limerick


Autism evidence-based practices (EBPs) are those with demonstrated improved outcomes for students with autism across a range of skill areas, yet issues persist in adopting these in classroom settings- particularly in general education (GE) settings. This research aimed to identify teacher training, years of experience, access to allied professionals and knowledge and use of autism EBPs in GE settings in Ireland. 369 mainstream primary school teachers reported their characteristics and their knowledge and use of EBPs. Results indicated that the majority of teachers received little initial teacher education training in autism, almost no continuous professional development (CPD) before educating a child with autism, and received little support from allied professionals. Knowledge and use of EBPs differed significantly across teacher characteristics, with findings discussed in relation to teacher training.


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