Worthy Children Foundation and ASK
WCF and ASK has started and we are delighted to welcome our first beneficiary.
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The Worthy Children Foundation (“WCF”) is pleased to announce a collaboration with ASK to provide individualized evidence-based interventions to meet the needs of Ukrainian children who have been displaced from their country due to the war.  

The initial donation from WCF shall fund up to 10 Ukrainian children, depending on their need, to attend ASK’s Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program and/or Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) sessions.  WCF will delegate the assessment of the potential beneficiaries of relevant interventions to ASK who shall comprehensively evaluate each child’s situation to determine which program to offer to the child (and in some cases both).  A key factor shall be the presence of a neurodegenerative disease, global development delay, neurodevelopmental disorders or similar conditions inherited at birth or triggered through brain injury or trauma related to the war. 

Speaking of the initiative, Dr. Jennifer Holloway, CEO of ASK, said, “We appreciate the opportunity to partner with WCF to provide evidence-based supports to meet the needs of Ukrainian children who have been displaced from their country by war. Our ASK team is committed to ensuring children with complex differential needs receive individualized care and intervention. ASK is looking forward to working with WCF in support of Ukrainian children and their families”

Vikram Sehgal, Chairman of the Worthy Children Foundation, said, “We are very pleased to embark on this important journey with ASK.  The tragic conflict in the Ukraine has displaced many families and those children with learning differences are impacted even more so.  We hope our contribution helps these children in their rehabilitation journey and by extension, provide some comfort to their caregivers, who themselves have experienced trauma and very much need their equally worthy children to be cared for first. The Worthy Children Foundation stands by these children.”

 About ASK 

ASK is a non-profit organization providing support to families of children and adults with differential learning abilities. ASK runs several community-based programs, intensive interventions, and parent engagement services, which fit within ASK’s overall mission to enrich the lives of individuals with different learning abilities. One of ASK’s core aims is to support the social inclusion and meaningful integration of those with additionalneeds into their communities.

ASK provides a range of evidence-based supports and services which aim to target socially significant goals for individuals and their families. The team at ASK are focused on designing individualized programs to meet the unique needs of children and adults with differential learning abilities. All ASK programs involve an initial comprehensive assessment, a written individualised person-centred plan and an ongoing evaluation of goals, to ensure the needs of the individual are being met.  

About Worthy Children Foundation

The Worthy Children Foundation was established in May 2022 to help children, diagnosed with neurodegenerative diseases or global development delay or similar conditions, to get access to innovative & inclusive methods of education and cognitive therapies.  The Foundation seeks to maximize such children’s cognitive, intellectual and social development to explore their long term true potential therefore contributing towards a wholesome childhood and improving their choices in life, while minimizing the burden on their families/guardians.


Dr. Jennifer Holloway, C.PSYCHOL., PS.S.I., BCBA-D 

CEO, ASK – All Special Kids


Geneva, Switzerland

Vikram Sehgal

Chairman, Worthy Children Foundation


Geneva, Switzerland