Summer is here!

Last places available for the Bilingual Summer Camp  and ACCESS Summer Club!  

Our team has new activities planned this year!

Our Connect Camp teenagers will be sailing on July 13th and 20th!

A scout group is visiting us and organising activities for our Summer Campers!

Contact us for more information. 

Thank you Joanne Horner for joining us for our last Coffee with Experts of the year. Joanne outlined strategies to help parents prepare for key meetings with school and professionals. We also discussed simple communications techniques that can aid in preparing messages and questions, and can help you keep on topic as you advocate for your child.

Art Therapy – ACCESS Program

Our instructor, together with the ACCESS staff, uses pedagogy that includes structured exercises, visual and sensory supports, an individual instruction that is tailored to their unique strength and needs of each ACCESS intern.

During the class, through a building process of trusting and supportive relationship with each intern, a safe space is created to explore their emotions and improve their communication through art.

The abstraction art, in which involves the use of non-representational shapes, forms and

colors to create art, can have a unique effect on the brain. Studies have shown that viewing abstract art can activate regions of the brain involved in visual processing and emotional processing. One theory is that abstract art can activate the brain’s default mode network (DMN), which is a network of brain regions involved in self-reflection, introspection and imagination.

Our team recommends

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