Welcome 2024! Some of our events planned for next year

Our ASK Elves created a sensory holiday party for children with different learning abilities on December 12th. We had such a fun time with our winter games, dance and karaoke, arts and crafts, sensory quiet room and Santa’s snacks and presents. We extend our appreciation for all of the children, siblings and parents who attended- it certainly left everyone in the festive spirit!
Our ASK Team completed Basic Life Support and Automated External Defibrillation
Generic Provider as recognised by the Swiss Resuscitation Council with HealthFirst Sàrl this month.

Please join our ASK Parent Community by becoming a parent member. We are also looking for parent volunteers to join our parent support committee. We would like to have more involvement from parents to help us to develop our outreach events, coffee mornings and parent 2 parent support networks. Please contact us if you have time to get involved.

Best Buddies International Jobs Program will launch in January 2024. Please contact us if you are interested in participating or finding out more.

We will hold our Annual General Meeting on February 13th. We welcome members of ASK to register to attend in-person or receive a link to attend online. RSVP

ASK will be moving to a new building 50 meters from our current offices in June! Our team was visiting the site this month.

Some of our upcoming events planned for next year:

ACCESS Art Exhibition | January 19th

Our ACCESS Interns will be showcasing their artwork in the afternoon of January 19th at the ESCA CancerSupport Centre. We would like to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to join us to celebrate the work the interns completed this term. Please fill this form to indicate your interest.

Workshop | January 23rd

ASK is Authorized Continuing Education (ACE). Our first workshop of 2024 will be held on January 23rd (7-8pm, GMT. The first workshop will introduce the framework of positive behavior support and explores how this can be used to effectively support students with different needs in classroom environments. It will also introduce whole school approaches to supporting student wellbeing and skill development. Registration is free here. There is a charge for CEUs.

Coffee with Experts | January 25th

Our next Coffee with Experts will take place on January 25th where we will talk about psychoeducation and how to support the emotional wellbeing of our children. Our Coffee with Experts group offers parent to parent support with a member of our ASK team. RSVP

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