ASK and Best Buddies Pre-Employment Workshop

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ASK and Best Buddies Pre-Employment Workshop | April 29th

The second pre-employment workshop is scheduled for April 29th from 13:00-16:00, delivered by Addictlab. The workshop title is Cross Disciplinary Science and will provide participants with many fun activities to help build a deeper understanding of science. We would like to invite young adults (17years +) with different learning abilities to join us for this event. Please contact us at the office  to find out more or RSVP here for the event.

World Autism Day Art Exhibition  | April 2nd

Register for your UN entrance badge here.


Our team recommends

Online workshop for professionals | Through a Parent’s Lens: Understanding and Supporting Families of Individuals with ASD: 1.5 CEU’s – ABA Switzerland | ABA Switzerland offer an online workshop that highlights the importance of understanding the experiences of parents of children with autism to better inform clinical practice.

BCBA job opportunity in Stuttgart | Learn more

Webinar | SPRINT France  have an interesting online webinar to join on April  4th April, 2024, 7.40PM (PARIS TIME)

Title: Beyond Empathy: Understanding how cognition shapes altruistic behavior development

We often expect children to help, share, comfort others, or at the very least hope they will. Yet how do these prosocial behaviors develop? Is it really all about empathy? (Spoiler: it isn’t!). This discussion will focus on how altruistic and prosocial behavior develop in childhood, why it’s essential to consider the role of cognitive processes including attention, inhibitory control and perspective-taking, and how we can best support children in building their prosocial identity.

Lucie Rose, Ph.D.Neuropsychologist & Postdoctoral researcher

Please complete the google form for access registration and zoom link.

We had a busy month preparing for our collaborative ART Exhibition at the United Nations. World Autism Day on April 2nd will mark the opening of the exhibition. You can still and the beautiful pieces created by the children and adults attending ASK and ACCESS.  Register for your UN entrance badge here. The pieces will also be available to be viewed on our website from the Opening Day onwards.

We celebrated neurodiversity week (March 18th-22nd) by engaging in many interesting events discussing this important topic.

We were delighted to attend the celebration of World Down Syndrome Day at the United Nations on March 21st. Our team joined in by wearing happy socks.
The ACCESS interns have begun a new collaboration with Cancer Support Switzerland this month.

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