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A Message from Joy, Nov. 2014

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A Message from Joy, Nov. 2014

A Message from Joy

Dear Parents,

The 2014-15 school year has started well for ASK, with many schools showing interest in our school affiliation programme and the noteworthy speakers we have lined up for our annual seminar series. ASK is determined to make a difference, one teacher and one school at a time, to help ensure the appropriate support for all children who learn differently. One of our missions is to help schools develop teaching strategies for these children to become successful so that supporting students who learn differently becomes the norm rather than the exception.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Collège du Léman and M. Yves Thézé for his support of ASK Summer Camp this year. The beautiful venue of CdL’s primary section and its fantastic amenities allowed us to create happy and unforgettable memories for all our children and their families.

Furthermore, we were able to continue our annual tradition of sponsoring children at this year’s ASK Summer Camp due to the amazing generosity of Glocals/BuyClub members. Our special thanks go to Nir Oftek, co-founder of Glocals/BuyClub, whose inspiration and initiative meant several children including Rafael, on the autistic spectrum, could enjoy their very first camp experience.

On the marketing front, I am pleased to announce we have a new logo developed by one of our volunteers, Rebecca Matthews, who first came to ASK at the start of her university degree. Now an award-winning graphic artist, Rebecca’s logo design brings not only freshness and vibrancy but also exemplifies ASK’s vision and mission to unlock the full potential of each and every child with learning differences and special educational needs. Together with the new logo, we shall soon be launching our new-look website. A team of volunteers led by Project Manager Babette Cleary has already been working behind the scenes for six months and they should be ready to unveil their efforts in early 2015.

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