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Our first 15 years

ASK Development Timeline

2003 Founded in Geneva, 1st Monthly Parent Support Meetings
2004 Designed and Launched Parent Workshops and started Independent Educational Assessments
2006 1st Professional Development Seminars for Teachers
2007 Launched Summer Camps, Weekly Social Skills, Peer Mentoring, Social Outings for Kids & Teens
2008 Expanded to Bern -currently seeking volunteer leaders
2009 Expanded to Vaud -currently seeking volunteer leaders
2009 1st Annual Information Day mainly for parents
2010 Expanded to Zurich
2011 Launched Weekly Study Skills and Homework Club in Geneva
2012 Launched Weekly Social Skills Group in Geneva
2012 1st Annual Conference for the broader community (Parents, Educators & Specialists)
2013 10th Anniversary Celebration
2014 Introduced mandatory volunteer staff induction and training for student volunteers
2016 Introduced work experience program for the CAS students
2017 Introduced Internship program for university students from U.S. and Swiss universities
2018 15th year Anniversary Celebration
2019 Launched the first summer camp in Zurich
2019 Launched ACCESS Program, a Job Training & Work Experience Programs
for young adults and adults