The ACCESS Summer Club is designed for young adults aged 17+ years who are working on achieving independence. Focusing on socialization with same-age peers and community involvement, the ACCESS Summer Club is an opportunity to practice social, organization and planning skills within the local community. Activities include social skills sessions, culinary objectives, community service opportunities, and community outings. Participants will also enjoy fun excursions to cities nearby Geneva (Annecy and Montreux) and be given additional opportunities for socialization, developing friendships, and increased physical activity.

July 1st – 26th, 2024

What makes ACCESS different from other clubs?

  • ACCESS is a club that supports and respects the choices of the young adults who attend and empowers them to advocate for themselves and build emotional awareness.
  • ACCESS Club provides young adults the opportunity to meet and socialize with same age peers in a safe and interactive environment 
  • ACCESS Club supports young adults to be independent during the club through organization of chosen outings and planning for the various events
  • ACCESS Club allows young people to sample the variety of ACCESS modules, such as social skills groups, volunteering experiences, health & wellbeing, and culinary skills

ACCESS Club Activities

The ACCESS Club is divided into specific modules/activities that our young adults will take part in each week. All activities are individualized to include choice and personal preference where possible. Our current club activities have been designed based on feedback from previous club attendees to ensure an interactive and enjoyable experience for everyone

Organization & Planning

The club's organization and planning module, builds skills necessary for scheduling, planning and organizing, as well as time management of the various activities. The module will focus on being prepared for these various trips and activities.

Culinary Experience

Our weekly club culinary experience aims to provide skills in food sourcing, preparation/organization, recipe planning, budgeting in the context of shopping for ingredients and meal planning, along with considerations for factors to promote a healthy nutritional lifestyle.

Geneva Surrounding City Trip

Our young adults have the opportunity to explore nearby cities and learn how to independently navigate new locations using organization, pre-excursion planning and social skills.

Social Skills

Our social skills group presents a range of opportunities for adults to learn the soft skills that help empower people to make the most of the learning opportunities within the community and workplace. Each young adult who attends will have the opportunity practice these skills on various excursions and social interactions throughout the club.

Geneva City Excursions

Geneva city excursions give each young adult an opportunity to take the lead and show their peers areas that they are familiar with in Geneva. These excursions give our adults the opportunity to put the core social skills they have learned into practice within their local communities.

Weekly activity sampling

Our club puts focus on supporting young adults to access various activities within their local communities to expand their interests through sampling various new sports such as mini golf, swimming, bowling etc. In addition, there are opportunities for volunteering.

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