World Autism Day

April 2nd, 2024

Palais des Nations

Art Exhibition Title: Through the Window

Helen Price Art


My interest in mosaic art and ceramics began about 20 years ago while living in Romania. Originally from the UK, I’ve now lived in 8 countries including Greece, Switzerland, Romania, Russia and China. I’ve recently returned to Switzerland and currently work from a studio in Etoy.

On my expat journey I’ve run hundreds of classes and workshops, and had the pleasure of sharing this art with amazing groups of adults and children. I am currently working with a group of interns from ASK and introducing them to mosaic materials, tools and making methods. It is a pleasure to see their progress, as well as their engagement and absorption in this meditative art form.

I make mosaic art for sale, as well as commissions on request. I work in glass, mirror, ceramic, porcelain, beads, or indeed any other fabulous material suitable for mosaic. I particularly enjoy making highly reflective decorative work that would be a feature and talking point in any home. My specialty is creating art from old snowboards and skis which can be used as wall decoration in chalets, businesses and private homes.

I also make a limited number of works each year for donation to charities holding fundraising auctions.