World Autism Day

April 2nd, 2024

Palais des Nations

Art Exhibition Title: Through the Window

Connect Club


Be part of our chill bubble by looking at our canvas, filled with different ways to socialise, be ourselves and a space to relax.

Platon: Lightening door into the red room where I am playing a video game with all the chill bubbles members. Small blue triangle and green red one.

Henri: Separate pencil drawing. Une maison ou je peux connecter avec les autres.

Jake: Light blue triangle. Hopes that the rules we establish in the chill bubble could be projected into the world.

Nena- Triangle with window and rain drops. A careful and detailed take on the worlds nature. Depending on which window you look through you can always see natures beauty.

Nena + Danai+ Milla= pink, grey triangle. Relax in this soft calming space

Elsa- orange, grey brushes. The beauty of animals and their role in the social world