World Autism Day

April 2nd, 2024

Palais des Nations

Art Exhibition Title: Through the Window

Luna Gaffiero

Hey, my name is Luna.

The art class is my favorite moment of the week as we can all express our feelings and thoughts and put them on paper.

My art is centered on my emotions. Because I often get overwhelmed with my emotions, expressing them is very helpful and relaxing.

Although some of my art looks like scribble, it is how I express my feelings, by drawing little icons, patterns, and abstract figures. 

I hope my expression will let you feel the emotions I want to share. Please give feedback if you wish to.



Title: The bedroom view

It is a preview of what I see from the window in my room.

When the times comes, I tend to look for very long at the stars and the blinking satellites while being not too sure which one is which. Is it blinking ? Is it not ?

The cherry blossom is my favorite tree, unfortunately there isn’t any in my sight. But it’s there. Transformation was the objective right ?



Titre: La vue depuis la chambre

C’est un aperçu de ce que je vois depuis la fenêtre de ma chambre

Quand le moment arrive, j’ai tendance à regarder les étoiles et les satellites clignotants pendant de long moments, tout en doutant du quel est lequel. Est-ce ça clignote… ? Pas ?

Le cerisier en fleur est mon arbre préféré mais malheureusement il n’y en a aucun dans en vue. Mais il est là, la transformation était l’objectif pas vrai ?