World Autism Day

April 2nd, 2024

Palais des Nations

Art Exhibition Title: Through the Window

Social Skills

Speaking Hands



Our main goal was to describe what we do in our social skills and how do we feel about being part of this team. As you can see, our little social explorers, drew hands next to each other, with the first letter of their name to show that they are united. We also used words as “please, thank you, i am sorry, may i”, that are parts from our galaxy of good manners. The little 4 ducks represent our little 4 social explorers and their favorite song “five little ducks”.

School Aged

Windows and doors into our team Minecraft world! This canvas represents all of our team members’ dream worlds and how ASK would be in it. From maps to aliens to balloons, their social world is transformed into shapes and colours.

Windows and doorsteps into invisible painting

Liam: Top right white and green triangles. A mario odyssey world that we can all play in.

Vince: Top left, orange and yellow triangle. The credits to our social skills teams and the words he thinks of when we say social skills

Leo:Inner top left yellow triangle. The maps of Ask- all our nationalities in one map. 

Arthur: Inner top left pink triangle. A social 

Mavi: Bottom right blue and green triangles. Social skills team as characters in among us playing together and as balloons.
football game.

Andrei: Inner top right green and bottom blue triangles. Our team as monsters defeating the monster in the blue circle and socializing can sometimes be scary.

Nathan: Inner bottom blue triangle. Technolo-reefs. A world where the bottom we are all fish and the top is full of technology.

Milla: Authentic selves. Our social world where everyone can be who they want to be.

Group: Inner left red triangle. Team minecraft world. Inner right orange triangle- words that come to mind when we talk about social skills.




Our boys in our tweens group painted their own individual world. They looked through our social skills windows to see how their dream world would be like. They were all inspired from our interactions and our social values. 

Elian and Bristol
Jian Fu