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Come and Play

ASK Bilingual Camp is an inclusive program, dedicated to offering a special haven for children and young adults aged 5-18 who have Learning Differences and Special Educational Needs. The fully integrated program allows children to develop their social skills, creativity and learning through fun games and activities, which are structured according to age and their skill level. Our highly qualified staff include psychologists, experienced specialist teachers, counselors, speech therapists, ABA therapists, art therapist, music therapist and a nurse.

ASK Bilingual Summer Day Camp

come and play


Making and playing with friends are two things that children do naturally and are skills that we ordinarily take for granted. Yet for many children with special needs and related learning differences, these two aspects of childhood do not come easily. The effects of specific learning differences may, in fact, preclude children from interacting appropriately with their peers. They are challenged to acquire the “unspoken” rules of social behavior and poor self-esteem, low frustration tolerance and problems with anger and/or aggression are a constant source of concern for parents and teachers.

  1. 1:1 camper to staff ratio

  2. social skills activities which allow self discovery and build self-confidence

  3. social communication skills development through role play

  4. arts exploration and self-expression through different mediums to encourage imagination and creativity

  5. sensory play to enhances learning through hands-on activities that stimulate the child’s senses

  6. drama and music with a weekly group performance

  7. multi-sensory games which encourage team building, group interaction and learn conflict resolution

  8. weekly outings to explore nature and local culture

  9. using games and activities to make learning fun and improve literacy and numeracy skills for children having difficulties at school


This program teaches children the fundamental social communication skills, using social stories and role play to learn sharing, cooperation, conflict resolution through team building exercises.

  • Improving social communication skills will lead to children learning to understand each other’s differences and to learn self-acceptance, which in turn instill empathy in each child and build life-long self-confidence.

  • The nurturing camp environment encourages the children to have positive peer interactions, which develops self-discovery and a sense of social accomplishment.

  • Multi-sensory tools and different art mediums are used to allow children to unleash their creativity and self-expression to discover a sense of self and to further develop their self-confidence.



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    Dr David Claivaz, IIL

    I am deeply impressed with the generous and sincere engagement of ASK in favor of kids with Special Education Needs, as well as the neurotypical ones.

    I wrote an IIL Blog Post called “The Essence of Learning”. Google the title to find out more.

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    It was very helpful to have so much positive feedback on the idea of James going into a special school as I was not sure that it was the best thing for him, but it looks like it is a very good option. It’s important to have a group where you can say almost anything and not feel judged or criticised to get the feedback, support and ideas from others and be able to off load a bit of the pressure !

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    School administrator

    “When you walk around ASK Summer Camp for the first time, you recognize all the signs of a great camp: colors, music, laughs, excited kids and even more excited staff. A closer look at the very specific set of activities make you realize that you have reached a place in which learning is back to its roots, the freeing of the learner.”

Pratical Information

Tell me about the staff

Teacher to student ratios are high, averaging 1 teacher to 2 children and for some children, one on one attention is provided. Our highly qualified staff include psychologists, ABA therapists, social worker, experienced specialist teacher, counselor, speech therapist, occupation therapist, music therapist, art teacher, and a registered nurse.

What is included in the price?

Lunch and 2 snacks are included in the camp fees. Also includes access to community trips e.g., pool

What are the Camp hours?

ASK Summer Camps run from 9h to 17h, Monday through Friday. Drop off is possible everyday between 8.45am-9.15am. Pick up time is from 4.30-5.00pm. We understand that arriving at the designated pick up time is not always easy, especially with all the major roadworks and traffic in the area, and we would prefer that you are too early than too late. A one hour Camp Orientation Session will be held on Monday morning of every session from 8h30 to 9h30. This will allow you and your child to meet the camp staff and tour the camp venue. Every Friday, there will be a short presentation by the children and we urge you to arrive at camp on time at 16h not to miss your child’s performance.

My child has food allergies

If your child has any food allergies, we suggest that you provide own food.

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    Fees & Discounts

    The Camp fees are CHF 995 per week.

    Parent Membership available:

    10% off all ASK programs including Camp, Social Skills Program, and more.

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