A review of “Caged in Chaos” by Victoria Biggs

Jessica Kingsley Publishers – 2014
ISBN: 978-1-84905-474-4

Once I ventured beyond the rather daunting title, which could easily be “A Recipe for Chaos”, is a humorous, tongue-in-cheek and highly practical guide to dyspraxia.
Written by a mere 16-year old with an outsized sense of humour and an even bigger writing talent, this charming and fun book offers a comprehensive account of dyspraxia together with plenty of practical tips and pithy quotes from other dyspraxic teenagers recounting their personal experiences.

The book is easily navigable and is well organized into 11 chapters. It also includes a useful list of useful addresses and websites for information and support on bullying, advocacy, driving, education, independent living and mental health.

I highly recommend “Caged in Chaos” to all those affected or involved with dypraxia, particularly parents and teachers. The book is a beacon of solidarity and gives a real understanding of what dyspraxia entails and how to work around it.

Jacqueline Martin