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Healing With Nutrition

Over the past several years increasing amounts of research have been conducted concerning the connection between the gut and the brain. As a result of these studies professionals have discovered, not only are the two heavily interconnected, but any issues in the brain are in fact direct results of biochemical dysregulations in the gut. This [...]

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One Parent’s View

We moved to Geneva when our sons were 4, 2, and 1. The first year living internationally with three very young children was difficult, but we embraced all the beauty and outdoor activities Switzerland and the adjacent countries have to offer. As our boys matured, we realized our youngest son was having difficulties in several [...]

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Parent Testimonials for ASK Summer Camp 2014

“We’re really delighted with the great time Rafael had with the whole ASK team. Knowing the difficulty our son has to adapt to a new environment, we couldn’t believe he was feeling "at home" already by the second day! He clearly showed it to us on Tuesday morning, when he had put his shoes on [...]

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Parent’s Viewpoint (VAUD)

Ask yourself, what would you do if your child was struggling with a subject like Reading or Maths? When Patrice moved to Vaud with her family, she could never have anticipated the struggles they would face in finding adequate educational support for their daughter, who has learning difficulties in Mathematics.  “I initially found that the schools [...]

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