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One Parent’s View

We moved to Geneva when our sons were 4, 2, and 1. The first year living internationally with three very young children was difficult, but we embraced all the beauty and outdoor activities Switzerland and the adjacent countries have to offer. As our boys matured, we realized our youngest son was having difficulties in several [...]

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Parent’s viewpoint from Gex, France

MV contacted ASK in July 2014 shortly after her arrival from Antigua where she was unable to find support or suitable provision for her 8-year old son who’d been diagnosed with dyslexia and ADD. After an internet search on special educational needs in Geneva led her to ASK-All Special Kids, MV made the dramatic decision [...]

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Parent Testimonial for Rafael who attended ASK Summer Camp

Dear Joy, Our first thanks go to you, Joy, for agreeing to welcome Rafael, helping to build a strong structure of professional around him and granting us the chance to feature in a sponsoring campaign that allowed him to attend ASK camp free of charge. We are really delighted with the great time Rafael had [...]

2015-08-10T09:45:58+02:00October 6th, 2014|Camp photos, Parent's Viewpoint|Comments Off on Parent Testimonial for Rafael who attended ASK Summer Camp

Parent’s Viewpoint from Challex, France

Joanne’s 13-year old son, Nicolas, has attended a French-speaking school since the family moved to Geneva a decade ago.  He has always been described by his French teachers as bright, but lazy and reluctant to work as hard as he should.  Joanne recognised some time ago that he was having difficulties at school but, as [...]

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Parent’s Viewpoint (VAUD)

Ask yourself, what would you do if your child was struggling with a subject like Reading or Maths? When Patrice moved to Vaud with her family, she could never have anticipated the struggles they would face in finding adequate educational support for their daughter, who has learning difficulties in Mathematics.  “I initially found that the schools [...]

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