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ASK School Affiliate Programme

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All Special Kids to support your students with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

One of the major goals of ASK is to foster co-operation between parents and schools to develop a mutual understanding of learning difficulties and learning differences for the benefit of all children with special educational needs.

ASK is committed to building a foundation of collaborative affiliations with schools to share the responsibility of helping children with special needs reach their full potential and become productive adults.

Work with ASK to Make it Happen

School Affiliation Programme

ASK assists its Affiliate Schools by holding seminars on special educational needs topics.
The seminars provide teachers with classroom strategies that effectively support students with learning difficulties and learning differences.
Since 2004, ASK has organized an annual series of seminars and lectures with highly respected specialists in the field of SEN. These events have attracted teachers from across Switzerland and Europe.
The annual ASK seminar series includes 8 seminars per school year, 4 seminars in Geneva and 4 in Zurich.

ASK seminars allow schools and teachers:

  • to fulfil their annual professional development requirements specifically on SEN topics
  • to use the remainder of their annual PED budget on areas other than SEN
  • professional networking opportunities, to exchange ideas and teaching strategies amongst peers
  • face-to-face interaction with the specialist speakers; to ask for and receive specific advice regarding the problems and challenges they face in their classrooms
  • to participate in interactive activities to aid in practical problem-solving classroom strategies
  • to receive additional professional resources, teaching tools and reading materials
  • a certificate of attendance to those who complete the seminar presentation in its entirety ASK is ready and eager to meet with school management to discuss further ASK’s School Affiliation Programme and its direct benefits.

Bronze Level

  • 12
    Seminar attendances

    Priority appointments for assessment and evaluations
    School logo on the ASK School Directory page

Silver Level

  • 35
    seminar attendances

    Priority appointments for assessment and evaluations
    School logo on the ASK School Directory page

Gold Level

  • 60
    seminar attendances

    Priority appointments for assessment and evaluations
    School logo on the ASK School Directory page

Platinum Level

  • Unlimited
    Seminar attendances
    Customised 5-hour on-site teacher training day

    Priority appointments for assessment and evaluations
    School logo on the ASK School Directory page

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Assessment and Evaluation

  • Affiliate schools are entitled to priority appointments for assessment and evaluations. ASK brings authoritative specialists to Switzerland at regular intervals to carry out resident evaluation services, thereby avoiding expensive and time-consuming travel to the USA, Canada or the UK.


  • ASK parent members and parents who subscribe to ASK’s support services are provided with information on the learning support services provided by its school affiliate
  • ASK affiliate schools can send the parents of their students to ASK for referrals to local specialists and service provider



  1. Affiliate Schools will be allocated a specific number of attendances at ASK seminars per school year.
    These attendances can be distributed as desired between the seminars offered during the school year.
  2. If additional attendances are required, they can be obtained at the applicable school affiliate rate.
  3. ASK must be notified of all attendances for each seminar to ensure places are secured for affiliate
  4. Personalized certificates of attendance will be issued at the end of each seminar.
  5. Simultaneous interpretation of English seminars into French or German will be provided if the seminar registrations are received 6 weeks in advance. A total of 30 registrants are required for the provision of this service.


  1. In the event of ASK cancelling a seminar, the enrolled attendances for that seminar will be carried over to the next seminar or next school year.
  2. Any attendances allowed per school year not taken up by the end of the year will be forfeited with the exception of a seminar cancellation by ASK.
  3. Cancellation of school affiliation before the school year ends will result in ASK retaining an administration fee equivalent to 25% of the subscription fees plus the fees for the seminars already attended calculated at the non-affiliate’s rate.