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ASK Seminar: Arithmetical Disorders in Dyslexia

May 15, 2014 @ 4:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Webster Uni, LLC Hall, Commons Rm
Route de Collex 9
1293 Bellevue
ASK members CHF195, Non-members CHF225, Door CHF275

By Brian Butterworth, Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Psychology, University College London 

Course Outline:

Many children – perhaps as many as 15% of the age group have trouble learning to read. And perhaps, 40% of these are also bad at learning Maths. Does poor reading – Dyslexia, cause poor arithmetic – Dyscalculia? Here Dr. Butterworth will review the latest evidence about the “reading brain” and the “arithmetic brain” and ask how the two might be related. Are Dyslexia and Dyscalculia due to similar abnormalities in brain structure or functions? What about the role of genetics? Is there a common genetic basis for the two conditions? Interventions for Dyslexia are now well established. Can they work on Dyscalculia as well?

Course Objectives:

  •  Understanding that Dyslexia is not a cause of arithmetic learning disability
  • Understanding that children with Dyslexia need separate assessment for Dyscalculia and will need specialized help for their arithmetical problems

Who is Brian Butterworth? 

Brian Butterworth is Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Neuropsychology at University College, London and founding editor of the academic journal Mathematical Cognition, and author of the best-selling popular science book, The Mathematical Brain (Macmillan). He  has taught at Cambridge University and has held visiting appointments at Melbourne University, National Cheng-Chi University (Taipei), Dalian University of Technology (China), Beijing University, Padua University, Trieste University, MIT, and the Max Planck Institute at Nijmegen. He was elected Fellow of the British Academy in 2002. He is currently working with colleagues on the neuropsychology and the genetics of mathematical abilities. His latest book, co-edited with Denis Mareschal and Andrew Tolmie, Educational Neuroscience, will be published by Wiley later this year. His personal website is  www.mathematicalbrain.com.

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