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Healing With Nutrition

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Healing With Nutrition

Over the past several years increasing amounts of research have been conducted concerning the connection between the gut and the brain. As a result of these studies professionals have discovered, not only are the two heavily interconnected, but any issues in the brain are in fact direct results of biochemical dysregulations in the gut. This autumn, ASK is introducing Healing with Nutrition; a series of workshops designed to further your understanding of the link between nutrition and neurological disorders. The series will be presented by 3 nutritionists, each with a unique background and individual set of skills, yet brought together by their mutual passion for helping children live happier and healthier lives.

Dr Irina Schurov

c-IrinaSchurov250redNeuroscientist, Nutrition and Health Coach, Founder of LiveRight

With a PhD in Neuroscience from Cambridge University, Irina worked extensively in the world of pharmaceutics before deciding to follow her passion and expand her expertise to the field of nutrition. Driven by her desire to help others she founded LiveRight; and educational platform to share her knowledge of nutritional science in the prevention of neurological disorders. Through tailored coaching Irina guides families and individuals in restoring their relationships with food, thus allowing them to live their lives to the fullest.

Kerry Lynn Fugard

c-Kerry250Nutrition and Health Coach, Founder of Nutri 360

Fuelled by personal and family experience with psychological disorders, Kerry achieved a BA in Psychology before extending her professional field to include complementary therapies, such as Clinical Nutrition. Having completed a BSc (Hons) in Personalised Nutrition, she now pursues her enthusiasm for nutrition through her practice, Nutri 360, a platform following the principles of Functional Medicine to help people overcome their health problems through a personalised plan adapted to their individual needs.

Gemma Calzada

c-Gemma250Holistic Nutritionist, Detoxicology Therapist, Founder of LivingFullyNourished and LivingGlutenFree

Beginning with computer science and going as far as embarking upon a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Gemma’s family health problems lead her to discover the exciting new world of nutrition and alternative medicine. Her passion for the field has led her to achieve a BS in Holistic Nutrition and she now shares her acquired knowledge through consultations and coaching, following a holistic nutritional approach and helping those who suffer from dietary intolerances.

We at ASK firmly believe in the importance of nutrition with regards to your children’s health. We hope very much that you find this series of workshops both interesting and useful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know!

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