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Café Society

A new ASK Programme for Adolescents and Young Adults with Learning Differences and Special Educational Needs

On alternate Saturdays from 14h to 16h30.

ASK is launching a new social group called Cafe Society for young adults who would like to meet and socialise with peers in a safe environment as well as practice various social skills and learn life skills that are necessary to lead successful, independent lives and be confident in a wide range of social situations. The group will meet on alternate Saturdays at different cafes around Geneva. In addition to the overall group aims, we will address individual objectives during the year. These aims will be discussed with each member of the society in order to maximize the group’s potential to meet the needs of its members.

Examples of Themes

  • Friends: what distinguishes good and not-so-good friends, and how to initiate and maintain satisfying friendships.
  • Public transport: how to make effective use of public transport, arriving on time, and what to do should one get lost.
  • Restaurants: how to order food, what constitutes a healthy meal, sticking to a budget, and general table and restaurant etiquette.
  • Safety: safeguarding one’s physical safety, staying safe online, distinguishing strangers from friends, traveling safely and independently

In order to effectively meet the needs of our members, we encourage your feedback and welcome any questions, comments, and ideas.

Practical Details

2020-2021 Dates:


2020: 18th January.
Meeting Place: Centre de Commercial Balexert, Avenue Louis-Casai 27, 1211 Geneva
Meeting Point: Le Pret a Manger

2020: 29th February

We will be merging our next Social Outing and Cafe Society meetings in February, and doing a bowling outing on the 29th of February


Fees: *

  • ASK Member: CHF25 with min. 4 participants (CHF 35 for fewer than 4; Refreshments not included)
  • Non-ASK Members: CHF45 (Refreshments not included)

* Social outings are usually free. Why are we charging for Café society? In order to create a beneficial social environment, ASK train our volunteers and invite them to participate as mentors at the outings in a ratio of 3 mentees to 5 mentors. The fees you pay will allow ASK to offer refreshments to our mentors and staff.
Thank you for your understanding and kind consideration to support this programme.

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