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C.A.R.E. Parent Support

Let us connect, build friendships, share experiences, and support each other…

How we help

The unique aspect of ASK support is that it involves a parent helping another parent. ASK believes that parents often find their greatest support in other parents who are in a similar situation. Sharing and learning from each other empowers parents. CARE program volunteers are mostly parents of children with various types of special needs, who are supportive in an effective manner, know the many resources in the community, and are fully prepared to serve you in the best possible way we can.  We live your challenges, share your joys and your worries.  Just ASK – we are here to help…  

Come and Join …..

ASK C.A.R.E. Online Parent Support Series


Online Zoom Support Sessions, 2020-2021

Managing Feelings of Parental Guilt

Guest speaker: Kate Lindley, PHD

When: Thursday, January 28th
Time: 18h30 – 20h00
Fee: ASK members – FREE, non-ASK members – CHF25. Register here

This workshop is for:
Parents of children with learning differences and special educational needs, who would like to learn about managing parental guilt.

About the speaker:

Kate Lindley, psychologist-coach and narrative therapist, has grown her practice of working with parents of children considered “different” over the past 11 years since researching for her doctoral thesis on motherhood. For her PhD she conducted interviews with mothers of children diagnosed with ADD in the Swiss-French cantons, analyzing the cultural expectations of mothers and the difficulties they face. Out of this research and her training as a narrative therapist, Dr. Lindley has focused on developing practices which strengthen parents’ skills and competencies.

While many people, including Sheryl Sandberg, talk about (mother’s) guilt, Kate found that the parents’ behaviour was more accurately depicted as shame. Guilt is usually described as a social emotion, following an action, which pushes us to repair the mistake or the damage done inadvertently or advertently. Shame invites parents to hide themselves and their children from the gaze of others, which often leads to feelings of exclusion and isolation. People consider themselves completely at fault in everything they do and say. Kate found that a common parental “strategy” was to wait for time to pass, in the hope that the child would develop better skills or someone would provide a magical remedy. As social psychologists have found, when we feel that we are in part responsible for what is happening, we are less likely to talk to others about our experience. And yet, it is often talking about what is happening to people, who are empathetic, that breaks the hold of guilt or shame. That is why support groups are so important.


Past ASK C.A.R.E. Online Parent Support Series


Thursday, November 3rd, 18:30-20:00
Topic: Introduction to Supporting Siblings 

Tuesday, October 13th, 16:30-20:00
Topic: What’s going on at ASK for this school year? Just ASK – we are here to help…

Thursday, Apr 23rd, 16:00-17:00
Topic: How to Boost your Immunity, and Protect Your Family from COVID-19
By: Irina Shurov, Nutritional Neuroscientist, and Therapist www.liveright.eu

Thursday, Apr 9th, 15:30-16:30
Topic: Self Care for Parents
By: Dr. Jennifer Holloway, C.Psychol., Ps.S.I., BCBA-D, Chartered Psychologist and Director ACCESS Program ww.nuigalway.ie/our-research/people/psychology/jenniferholloway/

Thursday, Apr 2nd, 15:30-16:30
Topic: Home Strategies to Help Children with Dyslexia & Other Learning Difficulties
By: Dr. Deb Schneider, Ph.D., EdS, MA, Owner of Mind Metrics & the Language Lab www.exceptionaleducation.ch

Thursday, Mar 26th, 15:30-16:30
Topic: Supporting Children & Adolescents in Difficult Times
By: Rachel Melville-Thomas, Child Psychotherapist, originator of WRS’s “Kids in Mind” Switzerland www.rachelmelvillethomas.com 


Thank you so much for all your time and sharing your special story. It is so great to talk to another mother who understands and speaks the same language.

R.E. Parent
’Indeed, ASK was at the beginning and continues to be extremely helpful through the great contacts I made. Thank you so much for all you have done for us. It is a wonderful organization’
AL.M - Parent
“I realized we had formed a cohesive group with each person an integral member, each contributing and each taking something out of it.”
P.J - Specialist

” Thanks again so much for hosting the ASK support evenings. It cannot be underestimated what it means for all these parents (mostly mothers, yes I know – why is it that dads are so good at delegating going to these meetings? mea culpa too, by the way…). Having a child with special needs can become a very lonely business in any country and to hear that other parents are dealing with similar issues is very helpful, even comforting up to a point. “

Parent L.V

ASK has been such an important part in our lives, allowing my son to have a wonderful time in a perfect environment and allowing me as a parent to have time to keep doing my thing when school is out, with peace of mind. The dedication of all the staff involved is amazing.

C.F., Your Content Goes Here

Practical details

ASK Geneva Parent Support Meeting

Where: Webster University, 15, Route de Collex, 1293, Bellevue (Rooms can be different for each meeting) 
RSVP: parentsupport@allspecialkids.org
Contact: 022 788 21 02 or 079 924 78 35

ASK Zurich Parent Support Meeting

Location: Stillpoint Spaces, Klosbachstrasse 99, 8032 Zürich

RSVP: begum.gurses@allspecialkids.org