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Bi-Weekly Teen Chats

Teen chat is a support group designed to facilitate interactions between adolescents, foster the enhancement of general social skills (including problem-solving, conflict resolution, etc.), and encourage the personal development and growth of each individual. This is achieved through the discussion of adolescent challenges and concerns within the group, while making sure each member demonstrates empathetic listening and encouragement towards one another.

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The group will meet on a bi-weekly basis and consists of a Leader, Co-Leader, and volunteers who will facilitate interactions and appropriate behavior among members.

Who is it for?

The group would benefit adolescents who:

  • Find it difficult to generally express themselves and would be encouraged by a safe and encouraging environment.
  • May be experiencing challenges with social adjustment, personal interactions & relationships, or self-esteem.
  • Adolescents are taught the necessary social & problem-solving skills, self-esteem, and personal growth & development through the following techniques: Encouragement, positive reinforcement, role-playing, and role-modeling.
  • They also benefit from mutual sharing of problem-solving and resilience-building skills.