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In the spotlight – ASK’s Social Skills Programme

//In the spotlight – ASK’s Social Skills Programme

In the spotlight – ASK’s Social Skills Programme

ASK’s Social Skills programme offers a variety of activities to help children develop and practise their co-operative and play abilities (sharing, taking turns, learning to compromise).  

The programme also seeks to improve their behaviour within a group (staying calm, participating in collective activities, listening to others, having a respectful attitude); their understanding of emotions (in others and themselves); their empathy (putting themselves in someone else’s shoes) and their capacity to deal with conflict.

Whether it’s through a pretend TV show, a giant puzzle, a board game, a role-playing activity, describing photos, drawing, a paper-plane competition or a discussion, the goal is for the children to have fun while increasing their ability to “read” a social situation and strengthening their social skills to enable them to react appropriately across a range of situations.

ASK’s Social Skills group sessions take place on Monday afternoons from 16h30 to 18h (10 sessions per term) at The Open House, Ecumenical Centre,150, route de Ferney, 1211 Geneva 2. They are run by Mrs Fiona Latchinian (psychologist) who is assisted by Mrs Lucinda Dainty.

If you’re interested in signing up for next term (starting Monday 28 April 2014), click here to register and find out more.

Please also write to Mrs Fiona Latchinian at fiona_latchinian@yahoo.fr to arrange a mandatory assessment.

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