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Parent’s Viewpoint (VAUD)

Ask yourself, what would you do if your child was struggling with a subject like Reading or Maths? When Patrice moved to Vaud with her family, she could never have anticipated the struggles they would face in finding adequate educational support for their daughter, who has learning difficulties in Mathematics. 

“I initially found that the schools here offered little or no assistance to help those children with special educational needs overcome difficulties in subjects like Maths and English. After two long years of searching for that support, I found ASK whilst hunting down a specialist who could test my daughter for Dyscalculia.

“The Maths Specialist I sought out in the UK referred me to ASK, who were then able to find a tutor who helped my daughter get a handle on a subject she avoided like the plague. ASK’s tutor worked with her in an encouraging way, celebrating her strengths whilst focusing on her deficit. This allowed my daughter to build and regain confidence in a subject she was literally terrified of.

“I cannot tell you the relief that my family and I felt knowing she was once again on the right track and we had a resource to help us support her in the right way. In a country where the education system and methods are extremely difficult for an outsider to understand, an organisation like ASK is invaluable.”

And the best part – Patrice’s daughter began to enjoy going to school again.

Patrice was able to meet and talk to other parents facing similar difficulties at ASK’s monthly parents support meeting
held at 10h on the first Thursday of every month.

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