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Parent Testimonial for Rafael who attended ASK Summer Camp

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Parent Testimonial for Rafael who attended ASK Summer Camp

Dear Joy,

Our first thanks go to you, Joy, for agreeing to welcome Rafael, helping to build a strong structure of professional around him and granting us the chance to feature in a sponsoring campaign that allowed him to attend ASK camp free of charge.

We are really delighted with the great time Rafael had with the whole ASK team. Knowing the difficulty our son has to adapt to a new environment, we couldn’t believe he was feeling “at home” already by the second day! He clearly showed it to us on Tuesday morning, when he had put his shoes on and was at the front door, ready to leave at 8 am. Our challenge that day was to make him wait before he could finally leave for Collège du Léman.

We also felt Rafael was welcomed as though he’d been there for years… all your people were so positive! And how many nice attentions… a “certificate” at the end of the week, with a touching ceremony on Friday, a photo frame, and also a nice collection of pictures that was given to us as a “souvenir” so all the family could see what Rafael experienced. This last point is actually so important for us: how many times we saw Rafael going to a camp and, although knowing he had a great time, we had no pictures to share with him … thanks to you, his photo album this year will not have a “hole” without pictures at the end of July.

Last but not least, it’s great to have fun on holiday, but for special children like Rafael it is also important to be in a safe environment with people who understand his needs and what autism means. We were also really happy when we knew Dimitri Gisin was going to supervise Rafael’s week; we could sleep easy… he is a master in this field! And we discovered that other people like Vinciane also had a thorough experience with such children, so it could not have been better.

We must admit we were initially a bit nervous about registering Rafael to this camp, as it was a totally new experience, and we know Rafael can be quite challenging to look after; he requires constant one-on-one attention and loads of energy and motivation. But after these 5 days, we can only say we were lucky to have you to help us and Rafael was happy, too, we can be sure of that! (Rafael’s parents)

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