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ASK Lending Library

ASK Lending Library was started with 4 boxes of donated books.

Then we added the recently published books donated by the visiting speakers and authors who came to Geneva to participate in the seminars we organized each school year. Recently, we contacted several publishers to donate books to our lending library. We are starting to receive a few books from various publishers. In return for the book donations, the publishers asked that we send them a brief review. Therefore, we will be asking those of you who borrow the newly arrived books to send us a brief review within two to three weeks. Your book review will appear on our lending library webpage as well as share with the book publishers.

Books from ASK lending library are FREE to ASK members. We welcome parents, students, teaching staff and specialist to stop by at our office and browse the books we have in store.

Book reviews by ASK readers

Music, Other Performing Arts and Dyslexia

Edited by Sally Daunt Published by British Dyslexia Association – 2012 ISBN: 978-1-872653-64-8 Written for teachers of musical instruments, classroom music and other performing arts, this highly readable book offers a great starting point for [...]

A 16-year old’s perspective on Dyspraxia

A review of “Caged in Chaos” by Victoria Biggs Jessica Kingsley Publishers – 2014 ISBN: 978-1-84905-474-4 Once I ventured beyond the rather daunting title, which could easily be “A Recipe for Chaos”, is a humorous, tongue-in-cheek [...]

Library hours:

11h – 17h
Monday to Friday

Email: library@allspecialkids.org and copy to info@allspecialkids.org

ASK would like to thank:

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for their donations to our library.

The followings are the books that have recently arrived from the publishing houses and waiting for you to be borrowed.

  • Organize your ADD/ADHD child, by Cheryl R. Carter
  • Securing appropriate education provision for children with autism spectrum disorders, by Allison Hope-West
  • Able, gifted and talented underachievers, edited by Diane Montgomery
  • Attention, Balance and Coordination, by Sally Goodard Blythe
  • Children’s reading and spelling – beyond the first steps, by Terezinha Nunes & Peter Bryant.
  • Children’s learning in a digital world, by Teena Willoughby & Eileen Wood
  • Children and play, by Peter K. Smith
  • Autism, Aspergers Syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorders/ an altered perspective, by authors Barbara Quinn and Anthony Malone
  • From Home to School with Autism- How to Make Inclusion a Success, by authors K.I Al-Ghani & Lynda Kenward
  • Securing Appropriate Education Provision for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, by author Allison Hope-West
  • The ASD Workbook- Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder, by author Penny Kershaw
  • Music for Special Kids- Musical Activities, Songs, Instruments and Resources, by authorPamela Ott

We hope you will volunteer your time by becoming a reviewer of the books.