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Spring has arrived early this year…

//Spring has arrived early this year…

Spring has arrived early this year…

Spring has arrived early this year and, along with the sunshine, there are good vibes within the ASK team.

This morning, I was interviewed by one of our former volunteers who is writing her thesis and wanted to include her experiences of working with two organisations, one being ASK and the other an autism centre in her native country. During her research, she was surprised to learn there is no volunteer culture in her country and she was curious to know how ASK became such a well-run organisation with only volunteer staff.

ASK is in a very lucky position in that its programmes attract many volunteers with diverse backgrounds and expertise who are willing to offer their skills and time. All the volunteers understand ASK’s core values, namely, ASK Cares – ASK Supports – ASK Understands. ASK’s whole existence is based on helping all children with learning differences and special learning needs, and we are happy to welcome new volunteers who are looking to serve these children in need.

Thanks to the contribution of these new volunteers from Geneva and Zurich, we are now able to offer/resume the following projects:

  • Monthly Kids’ and Teens’ Social Outings: Janice Lee and Sharnti Kula
  • Parents’ CARE program: Linda Said and Sue Gardiner
  • Student Volunteer Programme & Peer Mentoring: Karina Hockley
  • 2014 ASK Information Day – 8 November 2014 in Geneva and 15 November
    2014 in Zurich: Veronique Wigger, Sybille Graumann, Francesca Seegy, Laurie Hawkins, Tina Raiche-Schlaepfer, Simone Burger, Judith Egan-Shuttler, Heather Halsey
  • ASK Newsletter: Jacqueline Martin, Rhea Denton and Evelyn Mudie
  • Marketing and Communications strategy: Rhea Denton
  • IT and Database development: Babette Cleary and Tanya Ochs

Happy reading and I hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming events.

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