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ASK Summer Camp 2015 – Week 1

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ASK Summer Camp 2015 – Week 1


The Social Group having fun dressing up!

Summer camp has started with a bang, or should I say Boom! Our theme this week is Pirates which has been focused on in the friendship group, social skills group, study and art. You will be treated at the end of the week to a lot of pirate themed goodies, Arg!

In the theatre/ social skills room we have been working on developing a pirate character, choosing a name and a personality. Then presenting that pirate to the rest of the class to be scrutinized in ‘Question Time’. Many questions were asked, including; what would your pirate do if it were attacked by a rainbow pony? and what would your pirate do if they could fly? The campers were creative and imaginative in their responses which again featured a rainbow sonic boom!

The study skills group have been learning all about pirates through reading and number games. They have pirate vegetable stories to look forward to later on in the week.

The art room has seen the children working on a giant mural for the parents to view at the end of camp, this is also pirate themed. Each child was given the chance to add their own mark which we are sure they will be proud to show you on Friday performance day.

Playing with shaving foam paint.

Playing with shaving foam paint.


The friendship group have also been very busy today, first meeting all the new people then playing games, puzzles and participating in some great learning activities. They also faced off against a challenging obstacle course, of course it was defeated! They have painted, drawn and coloured in the Art room which again will culminate in a wonderful exhibition at the end of the week.

Helping each other on a puzzle.

Helping each other on a puzzle.

The afternoon saw us playing some classic games all together such as ‘Who’s Afraid of the British Bulldog’, ‘Hide and Seek’ and ‘the Penguin Game’. Following this they had a fun and interesting blindfold taste test to experiment with new flavours, textures and smells! Some very funny photos were taken. Finally the children were treated to a sports session with a talented young rugby player who had them working on stretching and teamwork.

Throughout the rest of the week we had egg drops, we went to the plage and to the park! It’s been fun filled and energetic, I’m sure we’re all looking forward to a restful weekend.


Interesting parachute design on the Egg drop.

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