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Workshops for Information Day

The workshops for ask's annual Information Day have been set. Places are limited, so register now! Come and learn with us... The Connection between Incorrect Motor Development and Learning Difficulties Presenter: Shai Silberbusch, founder of the “First Step Method” Motor activity is the basis for the development of organic learning – through observing how a [...]

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Parent’s Viewpoint (VAUD)

Ask yourself, what would you do if your child was struggling with a subject like Reading or Maths? When Patrice moved to Vaud with her family, she could never have anticipated the struggles they would face in finding adequate educational support for their daughter, who has learning difficulties in Mathematics.  “I initially found that the schools [...]

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Seminar: Arithmetical Disorders in Dyslexia

Save the date! The next ASK Seminar will take place on Thursday 15 May 2014, 18h to 21h30 at Webster University. Professor Brian Butterworth will speak on "Arithmetical Disorders in Dyslexia", reviewing the latest evidence on the “reading brain” and the “arithmetic” brain and discussing how the two may be related. He will also examine the links between dyslexia [...]

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