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The day of RACE FOR GIFT.

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The day of RACE FOR GIFT.

Sunday was a truly amazing day, the day of RACE FOR GIFT.

A few hundred participants, all there to support their favourite NGO, arrived early on Sunday morning, in great spirits despite a threatening sky.

There was excitement in the air and a group warm-up boosted by good music, and a rather dishy Mr Suisse Romande only added to the festive mood.

What better way to start the day than to get together with lovely people, running for a good cause.

We began our warm-up giggling and having fun, surrounded by about 400 participants all eager to set off. We had the choice between running 10km, 5km or a leisurely 5km walk, and most of the

ASK team decided on the latter.

There is nothing more enjoyable than walking along the lakeside through beautiful parks with lovely volunteers cheering us on along the way. We saw a swan with 5 baby cygnets floating

peacefully on the water, nothing too stressful there!

Every so often, we would have to make way for the serious runners speeding towards the finishing line.

Families and friends were all there waiting for us at the arrival and even the sky decided to behaven temporarily. It was pouring down when we finally celebrated under the ASK tent with a glass of


We were particularly proud of Amy, 17 years old, who won the first prize in the 5km women’s category.

The joy and elation we all felt at helping ASK makes us want to support our favourite NGO even more. Let’s organise more fundraising events because there is still a lot to be done towards

reaching our goal.




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