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How to Tackle Training Series

This workshop series has been developed by our psychologists, to help parents of young children with special needs to approach core life skills and use evidence-based strategies which can help to teach their child some important developmental milestones.

The “how to tackle” series is a practical, strategy-based workshop series which will involve a “training” element and a follow-up session, based on the parent's experiences at home.

Each workshop will be delivered during 1 hour 15 minutes, in-person session and then a follow-up hour session to troubleshoot on any potential issues encountered by the family and to celebrate parent successes!

Dates of workshop and follow-up troubleshooting sessions to be released.

Please register your interest here and we will keep you updated on dates/times.

The following are the topics for the first series of the how-to tackle series: 

Toilet Training | January 

Feeding Difficulties | March 

Sleep Hygiene | May 

Tantrums | June