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Unameit – we’re on the case

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Unameit – we’re on the case

ASK is very pleased to announce it’s in the final stages of organising a tie-up with Unameit, a small home-based business set up by mother-of-two Ester Danziger.

Like all parents, once her children started kindergarten, Ester realised naming their belongings was essential if she ever wanted to see them again!   Making valiant efforts to label everything, she found most labels fell off after a short time.

It was this insight that gave her the brainwave of setting up an eco-friendly label and sticker business.  Ester wanted to offer high-quality products which would also be fun, stylish, functional and long-lasting.  She also found there was demand for single- or multi-use name bracelets, particularly for kids on school outings or camps and for those with a tendency to wander off.  And so Unameit was born.

At ASK we think these products are great, and we are working hard with Ester to create a web-link to the Unameit website.  And the best part is that 15% of anything you spend will be donated to ASK if you use the code ‘ASK2014’ when buying your stickers, labels or bracelets.  Watch this space for more information!

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