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ASK is a one-stop resource for parents, schools and specialists, helping to support children with learning differences and special educational needs in Switzerland. Our inclusive, all-encompassing approach aims to give all children the opportunity to reach their full potential.

ASK believes that parents often find their greatest support in other parents who are in a similar situation. We believe that parents become empowered by sharing and learning from each other.

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ASK is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the families of children with learning differences and special education needs.Read More
ASK believes that it is important for everyone working with children to have access to the most up-to-date information. That is why we provide services targeted to those professionals who influence our children the most.Read more
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What we do at ASK’s Social Skills Group

Here at ASK-All Special Kids, we are all too aware that many children with learning differences and special educational needs often miss out on a rich and rewarding social life as interaction with their peers […]

What parents say

It was very helpful to have so much positive feedback on the idea of James going into a special school as I was not sure that it was the best thing for him, but it looks like it is a very good option. It’s important to have a group where you can say almost anything and not feel judged or criticised to get the feedback, support and ideas from others and be able to off load a bit of the pressure !